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  • Nepal & Bhutan tour

    Inside–out Kathmandu

    Kathmandu is capital and largest city of mountains nation of Nepal . It is surrounded by four major mountains.

  • Sera Monastery, Tibet

    Lhasa – Heart of Tibet

    This tour will take you to heart of Tibet city Lhasa to visit most iconic Buddhist sites and local culture.



    This tour will give you chance to experience ancient cities,culture of two South Asian countries.

  • Dambulla-temple

    Splendour of Sri Lanka

    Explore Sri Lanka with this fascinating tour covers all the main historic , cultural and natural attractions. It will give you and your holidays a different experience .

  • sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka Culture & Wildlife

    Discover fascinating local culture, ancient temples, tea plantations, spot wild animals and relax on beaches and enjoy srilanka’s rich culture and wildlife.

  • sri-lanka-romantic-getaways

    Sri Lanka Romantic Gateways

    In this tour enjoy the warm Sri Lankan hospitality that comes from the heart and enjoy the romantic weather and beauty of Sri lanka.

  • National Memorial Chorten, Thimphu

    The Blissful Bhutan

    Hike across the spectacular mountain scenery, picturesque valleys and discover ancient monasteries.