General Travel Tips For India


A proper VISA to enter and stay in India is must. Practically every foreign national requires VISA to enter these countries.

Never encourage beggars.

Don’t trust strangers with money. Trust your authorized hotel personals, but not people you may bump into on the streets.

Don’t offer bribes to get any job done. Even though Bribe-taking and bribe-giving are a common practice in India but both is illegal in india.

Get travel insurance to cover your loss from thefts, loss and medi-claim.
Avoid traveling alone in certain deserted places should avoid walking at odd hours.

When ever exchange money always ask for encashment certificate.
Never buy antiques more than 100 years old and also avoid buying Ivory and wildlife items.

Avoid trusting stories about poor student or such things which lead you to give money for help.

Avoid cars if traveling at night, better to go for flights/trains. Specially Indian highways are not so safe at night.

Avoid discussing religion.

Avoid visiting Kashmir in the extreme north and also avoid extreme north-east.