December 24, 2019

1)Get a SIM card for your phone :When you arrive India buy a SIM as soon as possible .As it will make your trip more easier as you can search any Indian destination , Google maps, restaurants or any place which you want to visit during your journey

2)Watch out for pickpockets: Be aware when you are at busy places make sure that your personal belongings are safe, Don’t carry your wallet, passport and phone in your back pocket keep it in your front pocket or zippered pocket ,don’t wear expensive jewellery .

3)Couples –Avoid public Display of Affection: If you are travelling to India with your partner avoid kissing ,hugging or affection at public places because in India it is considered as inappropriate in Indian culture 

4)Count your change very carefully: You have to apply it everywhere when you are in India .whenever you are anything from anywhere make sure that you check your change properly and count it properly   

5)Be on your guard when exchanging money: Be aware that many places that exchange money .such as the money exchange offices at the airport are likely to rip you off its better to get your money from ATM it will give you best possible rates .

6)Inspect bottled water before purchasing: sometimes some shopkeepers refill water bottles with tap water then put the lid back on and sell it again . make sure that water bottle you have purchased is properly sealed or packed .

7)Don’t forget travel insurance: The best protection and safety measure you can take during your journey is travel insurance. It will protect you from theft .missing of your luggage, illness and any type of injury or mis -happening to you during your journey .It will give you a mental peace.

8)Don’t try to cover too much area: one of the most important tip I can give you before travelling to India is try to cover limited places in your itinerary and fully enjoy that one ,try to add your best places or worth seeing places in India. Take your time and explore more in depth ,you will have more enjoyable trip moreover you will have a chance to meet local people and have interesting interaction.

9)Take off your shoes before entering to temple: Before entering into Temple and Gurudwara you have to take off your shoes outside and at many places you will be advised to take off your shoes outside so it will be better for you to wear shoes which can be easily slip on or off for example sandals .If you are worried about getting stolen then keep them at a place which is specially maintained for keeping of shoes they will give a token ,by showing that token you can take back your shoes from them.

10) Understand that Personal Space Isn’t the Same as What You Are Used To: In a country with 1.25 billion people, personal space is not guaranteed. When you are using public transit or walking through the streets, you might find yourself squished and crowded much more than you are used to in your home country. It feels weird at first, but just take a deep breath and go with it.

11)Learn how to eat with your hands: At many places you cutlery is not used because in Indian there are so many dishes which you have to eat with your hand only like curry and naan bread etc ,so don’t hesitate whenever you try something new  just enjoy it.

12)cover yourself and dress conservatively: Although the temperature may be warm in India but walking around in mini skirt and short dresses is not acceptable it might be considered  as disrespecting if you are visiting to any temple and gurudwara  .Try to cover your full body and try to bring lightweight pants along with shirts and t-shirts.

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