6 Indian sites on tentative list of UNESCO World heritage sites 2021

August 1, 2021
This year six Indian sites are added in tentative list of UNESCO world heritage sites. The list of below places is submit by Archaeological survey of India, which is responsible for the preservations and maintenance of ancient old India monuments. Do explore this sites with us during your upcoming holidays.


Satpura Tiger Reserve lies in central India district of Madhya Pradesh. This reserve is different from other due to its natural beauty and dense Sal &Teak forest. This park lies around a Narmada and Tapti river which give visitors good tiger sightseeing experience. It is one of the oldest reserves with species from Himalayan and Nilgiri regions are found here.

As per UNESCO – Nominated property Satpura Tiger Reserve is a prime example of a central Indian highlands eco-system. It is a unique area of high natural and diverse land resource values. It has many rare and endemic plants.

This park is not just full of wildlife spotting but also keen for natural lovers who take tails and off the beaten tracks to enjoy vast flora & fauna of this reserve. One can follow the famous James Forsyth trail and enjoy staying inside the forest with Jeep safari to view wildlife.

Things to do:

  • Game drive in national park
  • Elephant safari & Kayaking
  • Night Safari through Buffer zone
  • Bird Watching tour with Naturalist
  • Trekking on offbeat tails
  • Overnight camping
  • Ancient cave painting
  • Visit Pachmarhi hill station with waterfalls and beautiful viewpoints
  • Visit to Local villages on bike

Where to stay:You can stay at MP Tourism Bison Resort, Forsyth Lodge, Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, Denwa Backwater Escape, Cheetal Resort and few budget homestay with beautiful views.  

How to reach: Pipariya&Itarsiis the nearest railway station and Bhopal & Nagpur is the major cities with airport.


Kanchipuram temple is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern part of India. It’s a city of thousand temples and one of the seven sacred cities of Hindus. This place was the capital of the early Cholas rulers around 2ndcentury BC. Kanchipuram was a major seat of Tamil state as well as an important place of pilgrimage for Buddhists, Jains and Hindus.

This city is also famous for its silk weavers, who settled here around 400 years ago and have given this place a good reputation in map. It is also known as ‘Silk City’ and home to the finest silk saris in India. Explore the city and nearby attractions by selecting tours from www.visitofindia.comas per your requirement. 

Things to do:

  • Sri Kasmakshi Amman Temple
  • Ekambareshwarar Temple
  • Sri VaradharajarPerumal Temple (Dedicated to Lord Vishnu)
  • Various other famous temples
  • Visit Silk hand woven saris factory
  • KuttuKalaiKudam (A unique traditional art school)
  • The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust & Centre (First crocodile breeding centre in Asia)

Where to stay:You can stay at Regency by GRT Hotels, Hotel SSK Grand, Nitheesh Residency and few budget homestay with beautiful views.  

How to reach: City have its own railway station which is well connected to other southern cities and Chennai is the nearest airport (02hours drive).


Bhedaghat is a town in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh and situated along the river Narmada. It’s famous for high marble rocks often referred as Grand Canyon of India. This year it’s nominate under natural sites in UNESCO list. During the research, several dinosaur fossils are found in this area and become famous among the researchers.

You can experience beautiful waterfall known as Dhuandhar falls (smoke coming out of river) and avail facilities like Cable car and row boats to see marble rocks from close. Boating facilities is available throughout the area except in raining season and night boating on moon lit is very famous among tourists. Do try this area during your upcoming holidays by selecting tours from www.visitofindia.comand experience the charm of this valley with limestone rocks and crystal clear water of Narmada River.

Things to do:

  • Dhuandhar Waterfall
  • Marble Rock boating area
  • Narmada Marble valley
  • LemetaGhat waterfall
  • 10th Century Chaunsath Yogini Temple
  • Madan Mahal Fort
  • Visit to Local villages

Where to stay:You can stay at MP Tourism Marble Rocks, Royal Orbit The Fern, Hotel Shawn Elizeyand few budget homestay with beautiful views.  

How to reach: The closest railway station and airport is Jabalpur which is approx. 30kms from this site.It’s well connected with Train and flight from all over India.


Hire Benakal is situated in a village of Koppal district of Karnataka. This place is very close to another UNESCO site – HAMPI which is popular among Indian tourist. Very few people and histrionic knows about this amazing wealth of megaliths. It’s a graveyard of stone in various shapes &size and almost 3000 year old.

It’s a large area of granite stones on the hills of Hire Benakal and local believe that it’s a handwork of a communities who lived here thousands of years ago. The structure is an example of Dolmen which mean two or more upright stones with a single stone on top of it. During study, it was found that most of the burial structure of Neolithic period is found in Hire Benakal. 

India with endless historic sites and monuments is also home to several megalithic sites and Hire Benakal is the largest one. Explore the area while you’re on a trip to Hampi and nearby cities by selecting tours from www.visitofindia.comand enjoy ancient megalithic sites which is similar to Stonehenge of United Kingdom.

Things to do:

  • Track through Top of the Hillock
  • Ancient Cave paintings
  • Ancient Rock Art
  • Hampi UNESCO world heritage site
  • Coracle boat ride in Hampi
  • Visit to Local villages

Where to stay:You can stay at Hotel Malligi, Hotel Hampi Internationaland few budget homestay with beautiful views. Please note that there is no hotels in Hire Benakal.   

How to reach: The closest railway station is Hospet (approx. 35kms) and Bengaluru (approx. 365kms) is nearest airport which is well connected with rest of the Indian cities.


The Indian state of Maharashtra have summited 14forts to the tentative list of world heritage. These historical forts is constructed in Maratha military style during the period of Maratha Maharaja ChhatrapatiShivaji in 17th Century.

The Archaeological survey of India with the help of government has summited it list to UNESCO 2021 nomination. It’s a good move by the local government to show Maratha history to our young generation and help in providing tourism boost in the state.Explore the area and nearby attractions by selecting tours from as per your requirement. 

There are 14 forts as per the below list which have historical significance in our history.

  1. Rajgad Fort
  2. Shivneri Fort (Birthplace of Maharaja ChhatrapatiShivaji)
  3. Lohagad Fort
  4. Raigad Fort
  5. Mulher Fort
  6. Rangana Fort
  7. Sidhudurg Fort
  8. Salher Fort
  9. Alibag Fort
  10. Kasa Fort
  11. Torna Fort
  12. Suvarnadurg Fort
  13. AnkaiTankai Fort
  14. Khanderi Fort

Where to stay:As these forts is situated at different locations and can be a day trip from Mumbai & Pune cities. Choose hotels or homestay as per the budget.

How to reach: Mumbai and Pune is the cities from where you can explore all these amazing forts. It’s well connected with all Indian cities and rest of world.


Varanasi situated on the banks of the sacred Ganges in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and it has been a center of pilgrimage and learning for over 2000 years and is considered to be one of the oldest surviving cities in the world. It’s a city of religion, Spirituality and ancient old culture & buildings and same can be seen from its iconic ghats.

This year it come under the cultural category list as city have ancient buildings, unique culture & history architecture buildings along the River Ganga. The city has 84ghats which belongs to different historical period. Most of the people come here to pay their homage and do Hindu rituals ceremony.

While you’re in city, please do visit another UNESCO site SARNATH (Ancient Buddhist site) which is very close to the city. Explore the Varanasi and nearby attractions by selecting tours from as per your requirement. 

Things to do:

  • Witness evening Aarti ceremony at Ghat
  • Early morning boat ride at river Ganges
  • Explore Temples
  • Take holy bath in Ganges
  • Walk along the Ghats
  • Explore SARNATH – UNESCO world heritage site
  • Try local street food
  • Visit weaver village, well known for Banarasi silk saris
  • Visit to KachauriGali, Classical dance program at the Temple in Varanasi

Where to stay:You can stay at TajNadesar Palace, Taj Ganges, Brijrama Palace, Suryauday Haveli, Hotel Clarks, Meraden Grand and few budget homestay with beautiful views.  

How to reach: Varanasi city have its own railway station and airport which is well connected to other cities of India.

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