August 30, 2021


India is home to hundreds of National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries and some are in the list of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES. Choose packages from our wide range of wildlife tours which will take you to best sighting of animals and other wildlife species in various national parks and reserves.

Plan you trip from October to March when weather is pleasant and perfect for visiting wildlife sanctuaries. During this period lots of birds migrate from other countries due to severe cold condition and Bharatpur (KEOLADEO)wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan is one of them. Sighting chance also increase in summer time (April to June) as wild animals visit water holes or lakes to quench their thirst. Lots of wildlife enthusiasts or photographer plan trip in summer as big cats like Tiger or leopard can be seen easily.

Our wildlife tours offers the chance to spot various animals in their natural habitats. If you’re interested in watching Tiger or Leopard then reserves like Ranthambhore national park, Corbett National park, Kanha national park and Pench national park in North & Central India are famous and few parks in Karnataka like Nagarhole national Park and Bandipur national park having habitats of Tiger, Elephant, rare Black Leopard  and various species of Birds. These parks also have species like Indian Elephant,Sloth bear,Red Panda,Sambar, Chital, Gaur, Lion-tailed Macaque and NilgiriLangur.

The Snow Leopard is considered as most exclusive cats of the world and we have exclusive tour based on that in which you will explore Hemis high altitude national park in Ladakh which is also knows as Snow Leopard capital of the world. This epic adventure takes us through stunning Himalayan alpine, spectacular scenery with panoramic views of high passes, open skies and beautiful valleys.

Few sanctuaries like National Cambal sanctuary &Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary in North India and Bhitarkanika national park- Odisha, Sunderban national park-West Bengal provide exclusive sighting of Crocodile.

For bird watchers, there are various Bird sanctuaries, Marine Park and even a floating national park where rare bird species can be seen easily. Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary, Orissais a largest coastal lagoon in India for migratory birds and other species. This lagoon have more than 160 species of birds which comes from different part of India and Asia. This lake is popular among tourist as boat ride is provide to see Dolphins. 

Our wildlife travel consultants who have good knowledge of national parks and mammal species provide complete information about sighting, organizing wildlife safari, booking naturalist, Treks or natural trail to ensure that you will get best out of that.

Come and explore some of the best national parks of India with variety of animals and birds. We design customized travel packages and suggest other destinations as per the requirement. Book your trip with us by selecting itineraries from


If there is any country in the world which have rich ancient old culture, religious significances, supreme spirituality teaching then it has to be INDIA. This country is blessed with religious books, gurus and temples.

Spirituality teach us to leave all worries of this world and engage oneself in finding god inside. It’s a phenomenon to transfer your thinking to inner power and which later help you in discovering soul and purpose of coming to human body. Spirituality is an Art of living where personal transformation can be possible by following simple method of meditation and India is the country where you can learn this method.

Spirituality is in the heart of every Indian who travel to various pilgrimage or religious sites during their lifetime. Some of the pilgrimage are in such a remote location that going there is a big task and one need to be super fit. Some of them are in beautiful Himalayas specially Buddhist Monasteries and Hindu pilgrimage sites. 

While you’re on spiritual tour, one can see ashrams where sadhus lives and perform ancient old rituals and ceremony. Explore sites where people meditate on the edge of holy Ganges or take a bath in its holy water.

Yoga and meditation is the another name of inner peace and same is explained by various gurus of different religions. The whole concept of tours is to provide right balance of Indian landscapes, culture, practicing yoga and learn technique of doing meditations by spending some time in Ashrams where this practice is followed from centuries.

Temples in India are the perfect example of religious significances and fine architecture. It display thearchitectural dominance and give once in a lifetime experience, where one can accustom themselves with a prehistoric culture. Temples in south India is a supreme architectural brilliance of primeval dynasties, which is ruled by the Kings in different eras.

We have specially designed spiritual tours which help you in connecting body, mind and soul. We have included various holy sites where once can devote time and learn culture. Some of the sites are in mountains with beautiful surroundings of tall pine trees, green foliage with complete peace.

Our expert provide complete information about upcoming festivals, holy gathering like MahaKumbhmela and other remote pilgrimage which are open only for few weeks. Consult with our team to get updated information. Our well-crafted spiritual tours ensure that all religious places like Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Monasteries and Jain shrines are covered. 

Come and explore some of the best religious sites, temples and ashrams to gain inner peace. We design customized travel packages and suggest other destinations as per the requirement. Book your trip with us by selecting various itineraries from


Rajasthan state lies in western India famous for heritage cities, culture, Palaces & Fort and cuisine. Choose packages from our wide range of tours which will take you to glorious history, culture, wildlife and hospitality.

Rajasthan is also called Land of Kings with famous buildings, Forts, the diversified landscapes of the Thar Desert, Aravali Hills, National parks and bird sanctuaries, Folk Dance, Art & Craftand fair&festivals. Every year Rajasthan attracts millions of International as well as Domestic traveler due to its vast tradition and culture. Best way to explore the charm of ancient India by experiencing the rural life of Rajasthan by spending time in small towns or villages which are still ruled by local rulers.

Rajasthan is a one stop state for everyone weather you are interested in history where rulers from different era built Fort & Palaces, temples and leave rich history for us. Jaipur is the capital city also known as Pink city which was planned by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh. Monuments like the Amer Fort, the City Palace, HawaMahal and JantarMantar are most visited sites.

Each cities have their own charm and Udaipur is one of the most famous city among visitor. Often know by the name of City of Lakes with beautiful city palace, hilltop fortresses and center for performing arts, painting and crafts. Most of the marble palaces have now been transformed into palace hotels and Taj Lake Palace is one of them with unmatchable view and hospitality. World second largest wall is also situated very close to this city with massive Kumbhalgarh Fort.

Ranakpur temple (Just 02 hours’ drive from Udaipur) which is built in the 15thcentury are situated in the lovely valley of the Aravali. Its surrounding is quiet & picturesque. There are 1444 pillars in the temple and none of them are similar.

Travelling to the desert city of Jaisalmer – also known as the Golden City because of the extensive use of yellow sandstone for the construction of the fort and other Haveli. Jaisalmer Fort is also a gem in the history of Rajasthan. Enjoying camel safari in the amazing sand dunes and having dinner amidst Rajasthani musicians playing traditional tunes.

Experience street food of Rajasthan and cooking classes by experts. This trip will help you in interacting with the locals, eating at local food stalls and engaged in learn Rajasthanicuisines.

The best time for visiting Rajasthan is during winter season mainly from October to March as it pleasant in daytime and cool at night.

Our expert travel consultants will give you complete details about heritage hotels, resorts, National park and chances of tiger sighting in Ranthambhore national park.

Come and explore some of the best hidden gems of Rajasthan with never ending glorious history, Art &culture. We design customized travel packages and suggest other activities as per the requirement. Check our special packages by selecting itineraries from www.visitofindia.comwhich offer lifetime memories of cities and small town in and around Rajasthan.

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