January 8, 2020

If you are looking for less crowded island Asia below listed islands are best island in Asia with gorgeous beaches and untouched pockets of wilderness .I am sure these paradise islands will be an ideal destinations for you.

1)Wakatobi island ,Indonesia: Located in the Sulawesi Tenggara province ,this regency is the perfect destination for travelers looking for tranquil island gateway far from the crowd .This island is very less known in Southeast Asia .

Activities to do :Snorkeling, Diving ,Culture

How to reach there: From Jakarta or Bali take a flight to Matahora Airport .then you can reach any island by ferry or jet boat.

2)Tioman island ,Malaysia: Tioman island is tiny island 39 km long and 12km large located off the  east coast of Peninsular ,Malaysia ,the island offers every possible shade of paradise ,one of the must visit island in Asia.

Activities to do: Wildlife ,Boat trip ,Diving  

How to reach there: Take a bus from Kuala lumpur to Mersing then take a ferry to Tioman island.

3)KOH KOOD,THILAND: Koh Kood island is located 40kms from the main land of Thailand. The beach is 200meters long beach front across the beautiful white sand beach ,crystal clear water clear blue sky where you can relax and enjoy your vacation fully.

Activities to do: Diving ,Snorkeling ,sunset

How to get there: Take a bus from Bangkok to get trat ; from there take a boat to Koh Kood Beach.

4)MATAKING ISLAND ,MALAYSIA: It is Malaysian island situated in Celebes sea on the state of Sabah ,It has more than 30 diving spots

Activities to do: Diving Honeymoon , Boat trips

How to reach: Take a flight to Tawau from Kualalumpur  from Airport take a bus or taxi  to Semporna. From there take a boat to reach Mataking island

5)Flores island ,Indonesia: Flores island is located between east of Komodo island ,the most fascinating attraction of this island is crater lakes on mount Kelimutu which change colour  frequently the reason is chemical reactions and volcanic gas.

Activities to do:Trekking ,Snorkeling ,cruise.

6)KOH YAO YAI, THILAND :Koh Yao Yai island is in the Andaman sea .Halfway between Phuket and Karabi ,Explore this island and relax yourself  on Stunning beach in front of pristine waters.

Activities to do: Trekking ,Diving, Kayaking, culture

How to reach :Take a flight from Bangkok to Phuket then from Bang Rong Pier take a ferry boat to Reach KOH YAO YAI island.

7)KOH PHAYAM THILAND  : Koh Phayam is located in the province of Ranong is the perfect getaway for those who are looking for off beat destination ,It is one of the unique island in Asia

Activities to do: Party boat tour ,Diving

How to reach :Take a flight from Bangkok to Ranong ,from Airport take a taxi to Koh Phayam Pier then take a speedboat to Koh phayam .

8)KOH RONG,COMBODIA : Koh Rong is an island in the Sihanoukville Province of Cambodia. It offers both nightlife and natural beauty. And because it does not have roads, different parts of the island are not easily accessible. Make sure to put on your bucket list of Asian Island. One of the most beautiful Islands in Asia

Activities to do: Snorkeling ,Party ,Diving

How to reach: from Phnom Penh, take a bus to reach Sihanoukville; from there take a speedboat to Koh Rong

9)KAOH TONSAY ,COMBODIA: This is also known as Rabbit island it is one of the most hidden gem that you love to find it, It is low budget getaway 

Activities to do: Snorkeling ,wildlife, Diving

How to reach: take a bus from Phnom Penh to Kep; then take a boat from Kep to Kaoh Tonsay.

10)BANTAYAN  ISLAND ,PHILLIPPINES :This island is located in the province of Cebu ,Its blinding white sand beaches are some of Cebu’s very best and the island’s mellow.

Activities to do: Snorkeling, Trekking ,Sunbathing

How to reach: Take a bus from Cebu city to Hagnaya port from there take a boat to reach Bantayan island.

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