October 20, 2020

India is the land of most amazing wildlife as it has 103 National parks which is the third highest number of national parks. There is immense variation in the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India including Tiger reserves, Desert sanctuary, Birdsanctuaries, Marine Parkand even a floating national park.Watching a bird sanctuary is a kind of therapy in itself as you will get a change to fell the fresh air and a sound of chirping melodies.So pack your bags and head out to watch the energetic birds and enjoy a trip with Visits of Indiato any of the following bird sanctuaries of India.

1)NalSarovar Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat:This sanctuary is not too far from Ahmedabad city. This bird sanctuary has more than 220 species of birds, both local and migratory birds. This bird sanctuary is globally reckoned for its enriched wildlife.Most common bird species found here are Flamingoes, White Storks, Ruddy Shelduck, Herons, Crakes and many more.

  • Entry fee: INR 40 for Indians from Monday to Friday and INR 50 on Weekends.
  • Time to visit: Between November to March (6AM -5:30PM)
  • Non Resident Indians: USD 10 from Monday to Friday and USD12.50 on Weekends.

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2)Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat: The Little Rann of Kutch is situated in Gujarat. This sanctuary is home to many species of migratory birds such as Sarus cranes, Dalmatian Pelican and Flamingoes as well as birds like McQueen’s Bustard, Hoopoe Lark, Cream coloured Courser and other desert specialties. Apart from birds, you can see Blackbuck (Indian antelope), Nilgai or Blue Bull, the graceful chinkara, Indian Wolf, Desert Fox and few species of snakes. It is also known as Indian Ass Wildlife sanctuary and one of the largest wildlife sanctuary in India.

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3)Jawaharlal Nehru Bustard Sanctuary, Maharashtra:This sanctuary is also known as Great Indian Bustard sanctuary located at Solapur, Maharashtra.The Majority of birds seen here are Great Indian Bustard, Indian bushlark, Ashy crowned sparrow lark, Yellow wattled lapwing, Red necked falcon, White eyed buzzard, large grey babbler and many more.

Time to visit:Between October to February.

Entry fee:NIL

4)Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Kerala:This Bird Sanctuary has dense birdlife and one of the richest bird habitat in India. It is located on the northern bank of river Periyar. This is the prime birding destination in South India. Specialties here include Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl, Ceylon Frogmouth, Red Spurfowl, Bay Owl, Rufous Babbler, Blue-faced Malkoha, Brown-breasted, White-bellied Blue-tailed and Rusty-tailed Flycatchers, Grey-headed Bulbul and Wynad Laughing Thrush.

Moreover, Thattekkad is ideal for seeing a good number of the 16 endemics of the Western Ghats. The more difficult birds are Wynad Laughing Thrush and Grey-headed Bulbul.

  • Time to visit: Between November and February (7AM -5PM)
  • Entry fee:INR 10 Tour Link :
  • 5)Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala: This bird sanctuary is located on the banks of Vembanad Lake. You can spot variety of species of resident and seasonal birds here. The pristine PathiramanalIsland on this lake is a perfect spot to find migratory birds from Siberia and Russia.If you are bird lover then you must visit this bird sanctuary. Early wake up and make your day by hearing the chirruping melodies of the sweet birds. Along with bird watching you can also enjoy backwater boat ride.
  • Time to visit: September to March (6AM -5PM)
  • Entry fee: INR 50 for Indians,INR 100 for Foreigners
  • 6) Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan: This Bird sanctuary is also known as KEOLADEO National park. It is home to more than 340 bird species and covers 27 of the area. Every year thousands of migratory waterfowl visit the area for winter breeding. This Bird Sanctuary is one of the major tourist attraction in Rajasthan as it is also included in the list of places that are catered by luxury train route of India.

Type of the species found here are Cranes, Ducks hawks, Common Pochard, Eagles, Large tailed Nightjars, Flycatchers, Wagtails, Pipits, Larks and many more.

  • Time to visit: August to November (8 AM -5PM)
  • Entry fee: INR 40 TO 400 Tour Link :
  • 7)Sultanpur Bird sanctuary, Haryana: This habitat is famous and popular bird sanctuary of India and home to the more than 250 species of birds including resident and migratory birds. In winter variety of species travel from Siberia, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Most common bird species found here are Rock pigeon, Red wattled,Red collared dove, Little Egret, and White throated kingfisher and many more.

  • 8)Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary,Karnataka: This bird sanctuary was named after Sri Ranganathaswamy, who is regarded as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.This sanctuary is located on the bank of river Kaveri and largest bird sanctuary in the state of Karnataka. It is home to many resident and migratory birds from Siberia, Latin America and parts of India. Inaddition, guided boat rides are also available there as you can enjoy boat ride plus capturing of pictures of beautiful birds and landscape. Most common birds are Stork billed Kingfishers, Black headed Ibis, Whistling Ducks, Oriental darters, Common Spoonbill, Great Stone Curlews and many more.
  • Time to visit: December to May (8:30AM -5:30PM)
  • Entry fee:INR 50 for Indians,INR 200 for foreigners. Tour Link:
  • 9)Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh: ThisLake is second largest lake after Chilka and located in Nellora district of Andhra Pradesh. Birds which are common here are Greater Flamingos, White Ibis, Marsh Sandpiper, Gadwall, Black tailed Godvit and Garganey. Apart frombirds, this sanctuary have more than 160 species of fish, Prawn and Polychaete worms.
  • Time to visit: October to March
  • 10)Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary, Orissa: This Lake is a brackish water lagoon spread over few districts in state of Orissa. It’s a largest coastal lagoon in India for migratory birds and other species. This lagoon have more than 160 species of birds which comes from different part of India and Asia. This lake is popular among tourist as boat ride is provide to see Dolphin and very close to the city of Puri. Birds which are common here are Sanderling, Kentish plover, pied kingfisher, White bellied sea eagle and other species like Green sea turtle, lizards, Red Crab, Dugong and Dolphins. 
  • 11)MaenamWildlife Sanctuary:This sanctuary is one of the most visited sanctuary in Sikkim. This area is surrounded by dense forests which attracts a rich variety of Himalayan birds. Bird lovers come especially to thisSanctuary for birds like Satyr Tragopan, Vivid Neeltava, Grey Chinned Minivets, short billed and Red faced Liochichlia. 
  • Time to visit: Early morning hours
  • Entry fee: NIL Tour Link:
  • 12)Barsey Rhododendron wildlife sanctuary: This sanctuary is located in west Sikkim with a beautiful mountain view. It is connect with Kanchendzongha national park and Singalila national park. Best time to visit this sanctuary is during Rhododendron season which is from March to May. This sanctuary is rich in flora &fauna and includes animals like leopard cat, Red Panda, Himalayan Lagur and various birds like Crimson horned pheasant, Himalayan Palm civet, Himalayan yellow throated Marten and many more.
  • Time to visit: March to May
  • Entry fee: NIL Tour Link:
  • 13)Neora Valley National Park:This Park situated in Kalimpong district and spread over an area of 88kms. Due to its rich Flora and Fauna and presence of Red panda make this park an important place to visit. Here you can find Indian leopard, Sloth bear, Asian Golden cat, Deer and various species of birds like Satyr Tragopan, Darjeeling Woodpecker, Bay woodpecker, Whistling hawk cuckoo, Ashy woo pigeon, White gorgeted flycatcher and many more.
  • Time to visit: October to April
  • Entry fee: Entry permit required
  • 14)Mount Harriet National Park: This national park located in Andaman and Nicobar Island. Trek through this park is popular as it passes through beach where we can watch animals and birds fly around. Birds which are common here are Andaman Woodpecker, Andaman Wood Pigeon, Andaman Cuckoo Dove, Andaman Crake, Collared Kingfisher, Alexandrine Parakeet, Red-breasted Parakeet, Andaman Bulbul, White-bellied Sea Eagle, White-headed Starling and many more.
  • Entry fee: INR 25 for Indians, INR 250 for foreigners.
  • 15)Anamalai Tiger reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary:This sanctuary is formerly known as Indira Gandhi National Park which is located in District Coimbatore. Main birding sight is at Top Slip having gentle altitude, suitable weather, variety of Fauna and Flora.This park is best known for its birds like White-bellied Treepie, White-bellied Blue Flycatcher, Black-throated Munia, Great Hornbills, Mountain Imperial Pigeon, Sri Lanka Frogmouth and various other birds along with other species likeIndian Elephant, Sambar, Chital, Gaur, Lion-tailed Macaque and NilgiriLangur.
  • Time to visit: 6.30am to 6pm
  • Entry fee: INR 50 for Indians

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